At last, blinds that fit the decor!

At last, blinds that fit the decor!

Having lived in our current apartment for over three years now without any blinds, as I couldn’t find any suitable ones and by no means wanted traditional Venetian blinds, I was happy to test these Visor blinds. They were the first blinds that appealed to my eyes and fit into our interior.

Now that we have had these blinds for just over a month I am really pleased. The blinds are wonderfully light and easy to install. They can be adjusted in any position and almost completely out of sight, which was an important feature for me. I chose a translucent white fabric for the living room and kitchen area that gives us just the right amount of light.

Another important feature for a family with children is that there are no hanging cords and the curtains are also washable, which is a big plus. For the upstairs’ bedrooms we got black out blinds about which I will tell you more later! I will get back to you!

Wishing you a sunny week!

- Minna, @mk_maison