Areas of usage

Visor blinds can easily be installed in following windows

Visor blind works perfect in both fixed- and opening windows. If you are looking to black out your room, choose one of our black out fabrics to secure a good night sleep year around. 

For the blind to fit on the window brace we only need 0,8 cm to fit the brackets. 

If your window brace is rounded or if it´s leaning, please let our expert know when we confirm the order so we can choose the right brackets. 

Visor blind works on rectangular and square shaped windows. 

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Visor blind is a great product for folding doors. The blind protects you from the sun to get a cool atmosphere in your home. 
We also have a special brackets for folding doors, so you don´t have to drill any screws in the profiles. 

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The pearlized coating on our balcony blind guarantees a cooler balcony. An expert at Visor will guide you thru the measure process to make sure the blinds fit your balcony glazing. You can prepare by know the width and height of you windows, preferably in millimeter. 

The blinds are 15mm thick and are installed without any damage to your balcony system. 

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Visor blinds are perfect for your glass terrace. they make your balcony more private and cozy. The blinds also keeps the temperature down, thanks to the pearlized coating. 

We recommend that you contact customer service before making an order. 

Visor blind can easily be installed on folding doors and if you have a glass roof on your terrace or balcony. 

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You should always contact an expert if you have any questions.


You can always ask one of our expert wich fabric that would benefit you the most. 

The biggest difference is the amount of visibility from the outside. A semi transparent fabric is a bit see thru. A non transparent fabric is a perfect choice if you want privacy. 

The best choice for your bedroom or TV-room is our blackout fabric. The blackout fabric is made with a double pleated fabric to keep all the light out of the room. 
Note that light might reflect of the edges of the window, even if the fabric is a 100% blackout fabric. 

Our black fabric color is very popular for people who isn´t in need of total blackout. The darker fabrics are a perfect complement for hanging curtains. 

Here is a video of our black fabric

How to measure

Remember that we are always here to help you. If you have any questions, just give us a call. 
Always enter your measures in MILLIMETER when you order. 

Measure the visible glass. Regardless if you measure your windows or balcony glazing. 

Measure the width on three parts of your window. At the bottom, in the middle and at the top. Deduct 5MM from the smallest measure. We do that so the blind wont get stuck in the window frame. 

Here is an instructional video

Shipping policy

Contact our customer service to find out if we can deliver to your location. You can find our contact info at the bottom of the homepage.

All of our blinds are made by hand. We will ship your order within 10 business days. 

Returns and exchanges

Important to know is that the blinds are made according to the measures that you submit on our website. So we can´t make any refunds if the measures are incorrect. 
We will help you during the order process, but it is up to every customer to enter the right measures. 

Contact our customer service and we will help you with the return.