Creating a home that is comfortable for you is the most important thing

Creating a home that is comfortable for you is the most important thing

Over the years, the style of our home has shifted from rustic to the contemporary style it has today. At the moment, I would describe our style in three words: classic, timeless and homely. A place where everyone can be themselves in peace. The most important thing is to create a home that is always wonderful to come to and in which everyone is comfortable at, no matter what the decor.

Instagram and Pinterest are great sources of inspiration

Each of us is an interior designer and anyone can start at any time! I recommend following interesting accounts on Instagram, since at least I use it to pick up ideas and influences for my own style. Pinterest contains millions of pictures, and I have made folders for interesting images there. It is easy to put together your favorite pictures of different spaces, which makes it easier to decorate a particular space or when the time for renovation comes.

Highlight natural light

I introduce our living room, which is an open concept space with our dining area. We live in a terraced end apartment with large windows overlooking both our terrace and the driveway. Our current interior design was influenced by a corner sofa and floor-to-ceiling windows, so the rest of the interior was then created around them. We want the maximum amount of natural light to come in, and we don't have ceiling lights in the living room. The big windows are an absolute asset to the apartment, but they also make it easy for passers-by to see in from outside, especially from the dining area.

Replace old Venetian blinds with a modern alternative

The old blinds were in a poor condition and really difficult to use, especially in bigger windows. So, the Visor blinds are amazingly practical and even stylish! Now, if necessary, the blind can be adjusted to cover only the lower part of the window, so that we can see outside and let the light flood in. Child-friendly blinds do not wrinkle even if in heavy use and can be completely pulled up or down if desired. Translucent fabric lets in light but protects from onlookers. We have received a lot of praise for our blinds, even from the neighbors, so I would gladly recommend these in every respect!

Pick up tips for our style!

Use earthy colors that blend in with each other. Occasionally, using a small amount of some effect color brightens up the room!

Prefer timeless, graceful and light-colored furniture. If possible, invest in a high-quality sofa!

Make the space your own with some personal stuff like artwork or inherited furniture.


The Loving white style blog and my Instagram account started three years ago, though I've always loved decorating and beautiful images. Years ago, I had a different blog, but my current blog was born purely because I wanted to share interior design ideas with others. I received many inquiries about our interior design, so what would be an easier way to give inspiration to those interested. I still dream of someday being educated in the field, but let's see where the road leads. I get some of my income as a social media influencer now, so hard work will pay off, as long as you believe in yourself!