First consider the purpose for which you want to use the space

First consider the purpose for which you want to use the space

The space is very small, so decorating it has been a little bit difficult. Despite this I wanted to create a comfortable balcony where you can spend your time, and I think I have managed this brilliantly. When decorating, I first think about what purpose I want to use the space for, then I choose the furniture and materials. There is a small breakfast table and two chairs (best suited for weekend breakfasts) and a rattan hammock chair by Parola that is great place to curl up and read.

Add coziness with blinds

Visor blinds give privacy to the balcony, protect from the sun and bring coziness. And best of all, they can be adjusted exactly to the position I want from bottom up and top down. I found my style by following interior design blogs and magazines. In our first home, we had wall stickers and high-gloss furniture, but little by little all of this changed. I became enthusiastic about reading interior decor blogs and magazines daily. I started to find my style. High gloss shifted to mat, the wall stickers came off the walls and the colors changed to more neutral shades. Now, my own interior design style is Scandinavian.

I favor in my interior design

- Timeless materials
- Simplicity
- Design (Scandinavian)
- Light colors
- textiles and green plants to make the space cozy

Janniina’s tips

First, find your own style by following decor blogs and reading magazines. Get rid of all excess stuff and focus on systematically keeping your cabinets in order. When you have a place for each item, it's easier to start creating your own style. Add coziness with green plants and textiles.


Decorating has always been my passion. From my childhood I have moved furniture around and hung curtains at home. My home has always been a place for me that has to look beautiful and pleasing to the eye. I have my own style, however, found only in the last decade.