"I couldn’t imagine our home without Visor Blinds"

We bought a new home based on mere architects' sketches about a year ago, in March 2021. At that time, there was only an empty plot, but nine detached houses were built there by the end of the year. The new detached house with its magnificent architecture immediately captured the heart of ours, as we had dreamed of a lavish room height with large windows. Thanks to these elements, we decided to buy an apartment quite quickly, even though it meant an enormous change in our life: moving from the heartbeat of Helsinki back to where we had left - Oulu.

However, from the moment of purchase, the knowledge knocked in mind that despite the awesome elements of the home, the detached house area will be very tightly built. In other words, the view from the tall windows is not a beautiful and sheltered natural landscape; instead, each window acts as a kind of peephole for our daily lives. Throughout the year, I feverishly tried to think of different solutions to create vision protection for our future home because I’m not a fan of original Venetian blinds at all.

I began paying attention to Visor Blinds at the housing fair. I fell in love with the idea that it is possible to achieve total vision protection from the neighbors, but at the same time, the bluish sky gets to delight above the blinds. As I write this blog right now, the tall window in the living room shows a beautiful forest landscape, but the view from the bike path in front of the window is blocked.

At the Finnish housing fair, I drew attention to the fact that Visor Blind transmits significantly more light compared to Venetian blinds. So could it be that we are allowed to keep the light in the room, even if half of the tall window is visually protected? Also, I was wondering, if the Visor Blinds can block the views of lurking neighbors when it's dark outside and lights are on inside. On Visor's website, I noticed that there is an explicit visibility option for that, and in our case, it was obvious that we would end up with that solution in terms of coverage. The dense off-white blind thus allows light to flood in, but at the same time provides total vision protection to ensure privacy.

It was only after getting to know the range of window blinds that I realized that the comfort and privacy of a glazed terrace can also be increased thanks to Visor Terrace Blinds. Even though the terrace is a nice addition at this time of year, I can't wait for spring to arrive properly and get to make the most of it.

Now, after three months of living, I couldn’t imagine our home without Visor Blinds. First of all, they fit tremendously beautifully into the interior. We get to enjoy the flooding light from the windows while protecting our private space from the eyes of others. To top of it all, the Visor Blinds are child-friendly. The harsh handling of our dear toddlers doesn't damage them.

Text and photo: Inka Leskinen