Life in a new house

Life in a new house

We moved to our new house 3 weeks ago and only now it starts to feel like home. The first week we felt like we were in a vacation house with a mess because we had around 150 moving boxes. In three weeks we have unpacked 90% of them and now it feels more like home. So, what is the life in a new house?

In new house we have 4 bedrooms, 2 WC, laundry room, sauna, open concept kitchen and living room. There are big windows in the living room and I like them. They bring natural light in the room and look magnificent. In the evening I feel like I want to close them. For one week we had nothing to cover the windows. With the Visor blinds things changed quickly. All we had to do was to measure the windows and lessen 5 mm from the measurement. The binds were made according to our measurements and sent within one week.

Assortment to any taste

There is a great variety of Visor blinds colors and we chose natural white for fabric and white profile. We have normal window blinds and I must admit they don’t let sun comes through and keep away from heat. As you can see in the pictures below. There are also blackout blinds on Visor site and I think they keep light away even better. In new house we have all our blinds in the first floor where we don’t sleep so it is ok for us.


The installation of the blinds is pretty simple. In addition we got the instructions and you may also check the very easy installation video in English and other languages.
The windows in the living room are almost 2,5 metres high so to open and close Visor Blinds we got a Visor stick which is easy to use and it opens up to 1,6 m. We don’t usually use the stick as we can raise the blinds high enough with hand.

Visor stick

What I like in Visor blinds, that you can choose the volume of light in the room and from each angle to open. You may open from the top, bottom or even close them and you have whole window open. I have not seen such function in any other blinds.

Easy washing

Above all cleaning Visor blinds also seems very easy, although I have not done it yet as we started using them recently. In the video you can see how simple it is.

Furthermore, it is so great we even got even Visor blinds for our smallest window in the entrance. I can choose at what level to open the blinds and during Christmas I like that I can see the lantern outside. Also one of the most important things is that that they can manage to bear kids hands. Trust me we have tested it!

After a few weeks of use I like the blinds a lot. They are beautiful and cozy. I think that the windows don’t need any curtains here. They are simple to order and the shipping is worldwide from the English version site.

Original text: mypanthosegirl