Why Visor Blinds?

Why Visor Blinds?

We had been thinking of Visor blinds since the beginning, because our newly built house had a lot of windows, and these weren’t included by default/in the deal. Even though, the idea of pleated blinds was there all along, we wanted to first move in and consider different options with time to see what really works the best.

After we moved in, it was soon clear that the blinds needed to be among the first decorative purchases, to block the sun heating up the rooms but also, of course, to give some privacy when needed.

Which kind of blinds did we choose?

One thing was really clear for us straight from the beginning, and that was the color. We have white frames (inside the house) in the windows and wanted the blinds to blend well, so, we decided to go with the white profiles in all the windows and chose the blinds between translucent white, tight natural white, and bright white. We really loved the possibility to adjust the solution per window so that we were able to use the translucent white in most of the windows but then have tight natural white for the utility room’s full glass door to bring some privacy, and the blackout blind for kids’ bedroom to block the sunlight.

For us, the light is not an issue, and we wanted our bedroom to be bright, even in the mornings, thus the decision to choose the translucent blinds was optimal – to let the light in but to get the privacy if needed. For our kids’ bedroom, the blackout blinds were an obvious choice, but we pondered with the color; cold or warm grey and ended up with warmer one since it was more in line with the rest of the house.

What observations we made?

After we had installed the Visor blinds, we realized how major the difference really was! They kept the temperature clearly lower, gave us the feeling of safety that we didn’t expect to miss, but also brought so much more coziness into our home. Essentially, Visor blinds are just so beautiful, fit perfectly into our decoration and we also notice them to improve the acoustic in these rooms.

At the time we were designing the house, we had a clear vision of big, from floor to the ceiling windows which would bring the nature inside the house and more part of our everyday lives. Although, we were also a bit worried if these were too exposing, but luckily that turned out to be unnecessary. We absolutely love the way our new blinds keep the rooms luminous while bringing the needed privacy!

For us, having two small (really active) boys, the Visor blinds are ideal since they are stable, not having any strings hanging and the material is durable so that when they are getting crunched and played around, they’ll get back to the shape. Also, the possibility to easily remove them when cleaning the windows, and the fact that the fabric is possible to handwash with water is simply genius! Therefore, these would fit perfectly for terrace and balcony glasses as well.

In general, the whole experience from the planning to the installation of Visor blinds, has been extremely good. There wasn’t a need to request a quote separately but we could actually see the price from the website right away, the order was easy to make and get a confirmation in the call with Visor blind’s professional to check the final measures. Also, even though, Visor offers measuring and installation services, we decided to do them by ourselves and got surprised how fast and easy it was.

I can genuinely say that we have been super happy with everything and can really recommend this domestic innovation! In February, Visor received the Avainlippu certificate in addition to the Design from Finland certificate received earlier. All the Visor blinds are manufactured custom-made in their own factory in Kempele. 

Love, Ninnu

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